Test report for XiVO 2018.06

Report generated at 2018-05-03 15:28:46




XiVO Assistant/Transfers

Test Status
X-913: Attended transfer after Xuc restart (v1) Passed
X-908: Caller abandon after transfer and destination rings (v1) Passed
X-905: Attended transfer when destination rings (v1) Passed
X-904: Attended transfer after destination answered (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Agent states/Outgoing call

Test Status
X-750: ACD and non ACD Outgoing calls (v3) Passed


Test Status
X-1009: Verify variables propagation (v1) Passed
X-875: Third Party Integration (v1) Passed
X-741: Join queue (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/CCAgent/Callbacks

Test Status
X-1013: Validate callback request creation by webservice (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/CCManager

Test Status
X-771: Base configuration column (v1) Passed
X-740: Login / Logout Agent (v3) Passed
X-720: Agent default configuration (v1) Passed

XiVO CC/Highlevel feature tests

Test Status
X-711: Call history is available (v1) Passed
X-709: SpagoBI is up and statistics are generated (v1) Passed
X-708: Kibana is up and data available (v1) Passed
X-707: Agent logged in logged out (v2) Passed
X-715: Recording and Configuration are up (v2) Passed

XiVO CC/Recording

Test Status
X-1016: (ITLS) Recording (v1) Passed
X-990: Stop recording upon external transfer (v1) Failed
X-989: Alert when disks are full (v2) Passed

XiVO PBX/Conferences

Test Status
X-971: Basic conference and user PIN (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/File d'attente/Qualifications

Test Status
X-994: Export qualification answers in CSV (v1) Passed
X-993: Un-assign qualification from a queue (v1) Passed
X-991: Assign qualification to a queue (v1) Passed
X-987: Edit qualification (v1) Passed
X-986: Delete qualification (v1) Passed
X-985: Create qualification (v1) Passed

XiVO PBX/Système/Network - Interfaces

Test Status
X-975: Other interfaces (than physical/VLAN) (v2) Passed

XiVO PBX/XiVO Config-mgt

Test Status
X-968: XiVO ConfigMgt: Upgrade (no XiVO CC) (v2) Passed
X-967: XiVO ConfigMgt: Installation by script (v2) Passed